• N2 – C6+ Chromatograph Testing
  • N2 - C9+
  • N2 - C12+
  • N2 - C12+ BTEX w/GlyCalc
  • Helium Analysis
  • Onsite H2S and Oxygen Testing
  • Onsite O2 Monitor Calibrating
  • Onsite Sample Gathering
  • Custom Data Reporting

N2 – C6+ Chromatograph Testing

  • Two Daniel Chromatographs run our samples. Our machines are well maintained to provide the most accurate analysis possible. 
  • Our new Chromatograph can now run extended analysis meeting strict emissions requirements for BTEX and Glycalc, and also can run the newly required C9+ analysis to meet BLM 3175 Onshore Order 5 Requirements.

Onsite H2S and Oxygen Testing

  • Dreggar tubes and Portable O2 meters are readily available to help you out in a pinch.

Onsite O2 Monitor Calibrating

  • Let us maintain your O2 meters. We have been precisely trained on the AMI O2 monitors, and can provide custom calibration and preventative maintenance on your monitors.
  • We keep you informed with text, emails and phone. 

Onsite Sample Gathering

  • Our skilled techs take pride in getting you clean, representative samples. We know the San Juan Basin area especially, and can often collect sample in the field and run it in the lab on the same day you place the order.
  • We welcome large volume sample projects.

Custom Data Reporting

  • We can build reports to meet your specifications.